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Electrical Codes Your Rockville Business Should Know

Posted on: May 13, 2016

If our Rockville electricians asked you if your building was up to code, would you know what we’re talking about? Staying “in code” is often a phrase many business owners are aware of, but when it comes to actually understanding what code is, why it’s important, and which codes apply to them, most aren’t really familiar. This can be a pretty big ding against both the safety and reputation of your business!

When our local business owners need electrical code correction in Rockville, they turn to the certified electricians at Kolb Electric! We’ve been providing superior service since the day we started doing business, and we’ll continue to do so. Curious about what electrical code correction in Rockville actually entails? Let’s do some learning.

What Is NEC?

The NEC (National Electrical Code) is essentially a guideline for what electrical practices are considered safe and optimal. The rules are regionally adjusted, meaning what is “code” in say Maryland may not necessarily be exactly the same in other states. This is why understanding the code specific to our Rockville area is crucial!

To ensure that you stay within code, the assistance of a locally licensed and certified electrician is critical. You must stay within code to optimize safety, and to avoid potential legal issues and fees.

Important Electrical Codes in Rockville

Our specialists are fully-trained to handle and correct all electrical code violations in our area. Some of our most common corrections (and codes you should be aware of!) include:

  • Damaged and old wiring. Wiring within your business must be kept up to date. Electrical code evolves alongside technology, and technology in the United States moves fast. Damaged wiring presents a very serious risk of fire and shock, and should be inspected routinely to ensure you do not need a replacement.
  • Poor electrical connections. When the electricity was set up in your Rockville business, was the work handled by a certified professional? Loose connections are often a product of shoddy work, but they can also come as a result of poor electrical maintenance.
  • Out of date hardware. Electrical panels, light fixtures, and similar equipment should be kep up to date. Antiques are nice and all, but they’re extremely incompatible with current technology, and they can pose significant risks to your business.
  • Breaker overloads. Ever have issues with flickering lights and breakers that trip too frequently. Then you’re almost definitely out of code! This usually means your breakers are taking on a demand for electricity beyond their capacity. A heavy up is the perfect correction, and we can supply!

Electrical Code Corrections in Rockville with Kolb Electric

Our seasoned Rockville electricians carry all of the training and experience needed to ensure your business keeps up with the times! Staying in code is not only safer, it’s usually more efficient as well! Save your business stress and money by contacting a certified Kolb electrician for an electrical code correction in Rockville today!

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