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Can Your Electrical Panel Handle Your Holiday Decorations?

Posted on: November 25, 2016

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Plan on hanging a lot of lights or putting on a display this holiday season? If so, you need to make sure your electrical panel can handle the electrical load! So before you start plugging in all of those fancy lights and fun electronics, read along with the team at Kolb Electric to find out if you need to be making a call for an electrician in Columbia.

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What Is a Heavy-Up, and Do I Need One?

A heavy-up, also known as a panel upgrade, is simply an increase in the amount of amperage coming into your home. Your home essentially is capped at a certain allowed amperage for safety reasons. Your amperage limit directly relates to the electrical needs of your home.

On whether or not you need one, it depends on a few things. Heavy-ups are most commonly needed when a home’s demand for safe electricity exceeds its capacity, or if you just haven’t had one in a long time. As your electrical needs evolve (which they do very rapidly in modern homes), through getting more appliances, electronics, and entertainment tools, your need rises as well.

What Does a Heavy-Up Have to do With Holiday Lights?

Put simply, people just need more power during the holidays. We find that more and more folks call in for an electrician in Columbia most often late November through the end of the year. Usually people start plugging up those light strands, and all of those nice decorations, only to find that they keep tripping breakers, or experience electrical complications. A heavy-up is the answer to this issue, as it ensures you have an adequate and safe supply of power going forward.

Signs that it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Your experiencing frequent breaker trips
  • Your home’s lights are flickering
  • Appliances are getting too hot
  • It’s been too long since your last upgrade (a decade or two)
  • You plan on adding a number of high-power appliances to your home soon

Call on Kolb Electric for your Holiday Home Power Needs

Suspect you might need to be looking into an upgrade? If you’re not sure, our team can help! The certified electricians at Kolb are always happy to help, and with our years of experience and top-class tech, we can help you determine if it is indeed time for a panel upgrade. Contact an electrician in Columbia today by calling 877-287-1179, or reach us any time online!

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