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Effectively Teach Your Kids About Electrical Safety

children and electrical safety

It is in the nature of our children to be curious. The unknown holds tons of secrets in the mind of a child, and we’re kind of pre-wired to seek out things we don’t understand. It’s how we learn! And much of the time as parents, we like to nurture this habit to foster strong, imaginative individuals. Unless, that is, if danger is involved.

The trouble is that for the most part your kids have a hard time recognizing the difference between what is dangerous and what is harmless. It’s all just super-new and exciting. This can be a massive source of stress for anyone who has ever been a parent. And the more complex the issue, the scarier it is to think about. But the experts at Kolb Electric would urge you to never shy away from teaching your children about safety!

Teaching Electrical Safety to Your Children

As our area of expertise, we fully understand the dangers electricity can present. Even fully grown and adapted adults get serious injuries from electrical appliances and wiring every year. But how do you approach electrical safety for kids? There are actually a few ways, and a lot of it depends on how your child learns best!

  • Start early. As soon as your child is at an age where comprehension and communication are easy, it’s a good idea to start teaching safety. Kids learn super rapidly, and they’re more likely to internalize information when it starts early in life.
  • Use repetition. The phrase “in one ear and out the other” has some merit, especially for kiddos. They are learning and growing so quickly that it can be hard to really let information sink in, so don’t make your lessons of safety a one-time thing.
  • Use visual aids. We’d avoid demonstrations, but clearly identifying potential electrical risks within the home and explaining in detail how these things work can go a long way in safety. The more your child knows about appliances, outlets, and wiring, the less likely they are to attempt learning about them on their own.
  • Openly communicate. Try to aim for more of a discussion than a lesson. Open communication makes the topic more interesting for your kid, and increases the chances of information being retained. And always encourage questions!
  • Make information interesting. Wrestling with a kid’s attention span can be taxing. So how do you keep focus and interest up? Make the information fun! There are endless resources regarding electrical safety for kids: kits, tools, videos, and activities are all available online. Take advantage of the technology age and equip yourself with the best the web has to offer!
  • Ensure lessons evolve. This ties into what we said before about repetition. As your child grows, electrical risks change. Some lessen, such as the dreaded outlet issue; but some increase as well. When your son or daughter begins using radios, phones, computers, and other common household appliances, be sure you start covering electrical safety for these as well.

Encourage Electrical Safety for Kids with Kolb in Maryland

When it comes to safety in your home, nothing is more important to the team at Kolb Electric. And that goes doubly so in regards to electrical safety for kids! Is your home safe from electrical dangers and hazards? If you need expert electrical services and electrical repair, count on the team at Kolb!

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