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Our Bethesda Electricians Talk Electric Grill Safety for the Summer

Can you smell that? It’s grilling season in Bethesda, and the succulent aroma of grilling meats and sides is wafting through the air! But before you break out the electric grill and get to cooking, our Bethesda electricians would like to weigh in on a matter of pressing importance.

To our team at Kolb Electric, nothing is more important than providing superior services to our patrons. Except, of course, the safety of said consumers. An electric grill is the perfect tool to get the seared meat you crave, but it can be just as dangerous as any other piece of equipment if handled improperly.

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Grill Safety Tips from Our Bethesda Electricians

Most grill safety is entirely precautionary, so you needn’t worry that our tips will spoil your fun. It’s all about preparedness:

  • Grill electrical components and GFCIs. Be sure your electric grill is grounded with a GFCI outlet to ensure no shock or personal harm when in operation. Not sure what a GFCI is, or need one installed for outdoor use? Our electricians in Bethesda have you covered.
  • Ensure wiring is unobstructed and safe. Also be sure that your wires are out of the way, untangled, and not where anyone might walk on them or trip. Check your electric grill wires before every use for cuts, cracks, and wire damage. If there’s visible damage, get the cord replaced!
  • Turn it off before you turn it on. Before plugging in and starting your grill, be sure all knobs are set to off. If they’re on when you initially plug up, you could risk electrical shock or fire.
  • Never use your grill in rainy weather. The one real downside of an electric grill; you should never attempt to operate it when it’s raining. The cords were made to withstand outdoor conditions, but even a small amount of rain exposes you to risks that are entirely not worth it.
  • Keep it away. Ten feet. Your grill should be ten feet from the home, patios, and anything else that may be flammable. Accidents happen, so just don’t risk it!

Wiring and Outlet Services in Maryland

Our Bethesda electricians can ensure your gill, wiring, outlets, and electrical panel are all fit for service, so you can cook with confidence this summer season! Our service and skill are unmatched, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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