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Back-To-School Home Safety Check for Arlington

Posted on: August 15, 2016

It’s back to school time here in Arlington! Finally we get that cooler weather and lower humidity we’ve been begging for all season long. But with winter on our heels, there’s about to be a greater need for electricity use in the home. Is your home prepared to meet your increased electrical needs safely?

At Kolb Electric, we’re always about solutions. Whether you need wiring, electric outlet replacement, or even a heavy-up, we’re there to help! Let’s take a look at some of the most-used appliances and electrical sources in the home for winter, and how you can be sure you’ve got safe access to power.

Arlington Schooltime Electrical Safety Check

With summer fun over, we have to find a lot of new ways to enjoy our homes, and many of these require access to electricity. Mostly this is totally fine, but there are some cases where you might run into some safety snafoos and snags (particularly in older homes).

  • Considering a heavy-up. Do you know if your Arlington home can safely meet your modern needs? By modern needs, we mean that appliances and tools like televisions and computers simply use more power than they used to. This increases the overall amount of power you demand from your panel (breaker box), and if it just can’t hang, you might run into issues like flickering, overloads, and in the worst case even a fire! If your home was built in the past decade, you probably have no cause for concern, but those who have older homes would be wise to have a certified specialist come have a look.
  • Outlet checks and potential electrical outlet replacement. Take a good, long look at all of the outlets in your home. Are they all grounded (three-prong)? Do you have GFCIs in bathrooms, utility rooms, and in the kitchen? If you answered yes to both of these, you’re pretty safe! But if you answered no to either, it’s a good time to look into electrical outlet replacement. And if you answered no to both, it is definitely time to talk to a pro!
  • Address existing issues. Been putting off a flickering light, or ignoring an appliance that runs really hot? Fall is the perfect time to have these addressed! Summer and winter are our peak times, and can create some humps when folks are trying to schedule electrical services with any service. But in fall, time is still relatively ample, so you’re virtually guaranteed to get the time frames you want most!

Superior Electrical Outlet Replacement and Services in Arlington, VA with Kolb

At Kolb Electric, we eat, sleep, and breathe electricity. Well, not literally, but you catch the meaning. No one knows the industry like our certified electricians, and patrons have been depending on Kolb for superior service for decades! Contact us today to learn more about electrical services in Arlington, or to set an appointment for your back-to-school electrical service needs!

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