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Our Arlington Electricians Answer Your Questions About Home Remodeling

Posted on: June 15, 2016

Planning on some home remodeling in Arlington in the near future? You might want to consult your friendly neighborhood electrician (that’s us!) about some points of critical importance. Why? Because remodeling, inevitably, will almost always include a measure of electrical work. And in Arlington, no one knows electrical work like the certified electricians at Kolb Electric!

In fact, we get quite a few queries on a regular basis about remodeling and how it may impact the electricity in your home. And today, we bring you the most common questions residents ask our Arlington electricians, and their answers.

Home Remodeling Questions and Answers

We got loads of questions. But luckily for all of us,providing answers and solutions is what we do, and we love every minute of it! Some of our most asked include:

  • Will my remodel require electrical work? Almost definitely. If the remodel interacts with a wall, alters the configuration and makeup of your appliances, or deals with lighting, you should plan on needing electrical work. At least some rewiring, which can carry some benefits of its own.
  • Should I install more outlets to go along with my remodel? If the remodel alters the configuration of your space, or adds space to your home, yes. If you’re downsizing, the answer is a bit more malleable, as it would depend on what was changing and how it would impact existing systems. Adding space usually means more gadgets, and more gadgets means you need more outlets!
  • Is a heavy up a good idea to go along with my remodel? Are your electrical needs changing (as in, increasing)? If so, a heavy up is probably wise. Your home was originally designed with very specific accommodations for energy use. If you need more power, and need it safely supplied, a heavy up can provide it for you.
  • Can Kolb offer lighting wiring? Of course! Our Arlington electricians offer a full range of electrical services, including pretty much anything you can think of. If it uses power, we know how to install it!
  • My home uses fuses. Should I switch to a breaker system during my remodel? You should switch to a breaker system even if you’re not doing a remodel. Breakers are all around safer, last longer, and interact more healthily with modern electrical equipment. As technology evolves, our homes have to evolve along with it in order to continue meeting our needs.

Superior Electrical Services in Arlington with Kolb Electric

Need a certified electrician to assist with your remodel? Our team boasts all of the skill, experience, and technology needed to ensure your energy needs are totally met! If you’ve got more questions, our Arlington electricians will be happy to provide answers. Just contact us online!

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